Q: What is paragliding?

A: Paragliding is one of the simplest from of free flight and is the ultimate answer to man’s limitless dream of being a bird. As with all all forms of aviation, launching and landing are done into wind. The wing is placed into an airstream by running or being pulled into the air. The wing then moves into a position over the pilot head in which it can carry the passenger. The pilot is then lifted off the ground and, after a safety period the pilot can sit down into his harness. Unlike skydivers, paraglider do not “jump” at any time during this process.

Q: Is paragliding like parasailing, parachuting, BASE jumping?

A: Paragliding is often confused with these activities but is an entirely different sport. Paragliding is about the enjoyment of flight in its simplest form. In parasailing the participant is towed behind a boat attached to a long rope and in essence has no control over the experience. Parachuting and base jumping require the participant to literally “jump” from a plane or fixed objet before deploying a parachute and rely on the equipment to slow the participant down, then landing at a high speed. The most advantageous aspect of paragliding compared to these other sports is ability to chose the amount of acceptable risk with increased control and slower speeds. Paragliding offers a wide range of experiences from the safest and most basic form of flight, to the extremes of flipping over the glider in advanced acrobatic maneuvers. Paragliding truly has a place for every type of personality.

Q: Why should I choose Uprising Paragliding?

Uprising Paragliding has been training and flying tandems in the Lake Tahoe & Reno locale for a full decade and flying recreationally in our highly dynamic climate for nearly 20 years. In our early years we apprenticed with two of the biggest schools in the country, Jackson Hole Paragliding & Eagle Paragliding for good reason, we wanted to make sure that through this experience we are able to ensure that the quality of instruction remains at the top of its class! With our wealth of experience in the local area and beyond it allows us to make it our priority to keep you safe, we follow all USHPA regulations and the recommended training curriculum. Once you sign up with Uprising you become part of the team and are always welcome to return with questions or to just polish up your skills! We are the only school in the area to maintain a perfect safety record and we plan to keep it that way. If you find yourself doing basic ground work on concrete, instead of a nice open field clear of obstacles, you are in the wrong place!

Q: How is flying in Lake Tahoe & Reno area?

Our area has always been a flying mecca, from balloons to sailplanes and everything in-between. Having such a wide range of different crafts also means there is a wide range of differing conditions. Our area is very dynamic in this respect, as far as paragliding goes there are numerous varying conditions for all levels from beginner to sky-god! The big advantage to this is it creates well versed pilots. We make it our priority to lead you through the changing conditions and push you when its safe to do so and more importantly shut you down if the conditions develop to a point that is over your head.

Q: How much do lessons and tandem flights cost?

A one day intro lesson or a Tandem flight costs $350. The difference between the two is that the one day intro is geared towards the more hands on person that is more interested in learning how to fly right out the door. At the end of the session the student will be able to safely preflight, hook in, kite, launch and land the glider under the supervision of a USHPA instructor. The tandem flight is for someone that just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of flight in a paraglider and leave the hard work to a highly advanced, USHPA rated tandem pilot. After a tandem flight or intro lesson, the Novice rating is needed to fly a paraglider solo. The cost for the Novice rating is $1500 which includes the required ground school, all materials, special skills and 25 instructor supervised flights according to the USHPA program.

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