Reno & Lake Tahoe Paragliding

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Tandem Paraglider Flights

Looking for a new exciting way to view beautiful Lake Tahoe? Come join us for an exciting tandem paragliding flight.
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Paraglider Instruction

Once hooked after a tandem flight its time to learn to fly by yourself! Uprising Paragliding is proud to offer high quality instruction. Read more…

Photo Gallery

Come take a look at our beautiful sites and local pilots in action!! Through a collection of pictures and from throughout the years. Read more…


12 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello Everybody! Looks like a flyable weekend! Uprising Paragliding is going to have awesome tandems flying over Lake Tahoe with landing on beautiful King’s Beach this weekend… I took such a flight and that’s how my paraadventure started!

  2. Flying was good today. Two tandems in a row!! Season is dwindling down as far as daydreams is concerned….get it while it lasts!!!!!!!! Safe Flights:)

  3. Slide Today!! Turned out to be a pretty nice fall flight. Just shy of 10,000 and many local pilots still getting out trying to get it while they can!

  4. looks to be an epic fall 6 flyable days in a row….report of a pilot getting to 16,300 ft today !!

    come and get it 🙂

  5. Meeting about club formation @ T’s Sunday at 6 o’clock. Anyone is welcome…come show some support for the Reno/Lake Tahoe Paragliding community!!!

  6. Hey guys! Love the new website!!! Thank you again for an amazing trip and experience. I can’t wait to go again!!!

    To anyone out there on the fence about paragliding – don’t wait another second! Fred and Kasia are the ultimate professionals and will make you feel confident and secure. From the hike to the flight Fred talks you through every nuance and guides you from start to finish. It is truly amazing experience and one that you won’t soon forget!

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